Our Mission

Toogga was founded to help improve the lives and prospects of as many Sahelis as possible.
We intend to do that by bringing the benefit of our local and natural plant materials to the world while working on breaking the cycle of poverty by supporting women cooperatives in Mauritania and the entire Sahel Region. We produce simple, natural, sustainable, and high quality products that are both effective and indulgent.  We do not use any synthetic fragrance, chemical preservatives, parabens, and colorants/dyes. Our product is 100% organic, and we make and package everything in small batches with attention to detail to ensure that you enjoy a quality natural product.

Our Story

Toogga is the brainchild of three Saheli scientists. Upon discovering the healthy benefits of the Toogga Oil, the trio made it their mission to bring their product to the global market while helping their local economies and communities.  Their effort have now expanded to work on other native products such as  Baobab, Jujube, Marula, and Watermelon seed oil by using the same sustainable model developed for the Toogga oil (coming soon!).


The Men and Women of Toogga

Mohamed BABA
Co-Founder, Toogga

Dr. Baba is a Research Professor at the University Blaise Pascal in Clermont-Ferrand (France), his areas of research are Accelerated Aging of materials, Photochemical and Thermal oxidation, life expectancy, and stability. Working on vegetable oil by evaluating their oxidative stability and analyzing their composition are one of his core competencies. Dr. Baba has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals and has written several textbook chapters. He believes that economic empowerment is one of the best tools we have to break through socio-economic barriers and has spent his career working to make that possible. Dr. Baba is responsible for the research and development part of the project.

Ahmed Amou Ould Moustapha
Co-Founder, Toogga

Dr. Ould Moustapha is a medical doctor and a trained radiology specialist. His experience is an asset to Toogga and brings a special perspective when it comes to the health and cosmetic products being developed by the company. Dr. Ould Moustapha is in charge of investor relations and big laboratories.

Abdoul Moumine Sall 
Executive Sales Director, Toogga

Abdoul Sall is responsible for sales operations at Toogga. He is a chemist by trade, and holds an MBA from l'Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis (France). He is a proven sales leader with a deep understanding of the Sahel marketplace.

Ndjevane Mint Erchid
President, Badely Cooperative

N'Djevane is a mother of six girls and four boys. She is a farmer during the wintering season, and to compliment her income she also works as a trader the rest of the year. She led and organized the adaptation of the cooperative in the region, and mobilized the local woman to work for it. She is 57.

Lediba Mint Ahmedou
Co-op member, Badely Cooperative

Lediba is N'Djevane’s older sister. She is also a farmer by trade, and she helps out with the sales at the community shop. She is 61 and a mother of three girls and two boys.

Marya Mint Erchid
Co-op member, Badely Cooperative

Marya is N'Djevane’s younger sister, a farmer as well. She helps out with the processing of the Toogga fruit. She 50 and has 11 kids (6 girls and 5 boys).

The rest of our leading team members and founders are:

Cheikh Abdallahi Ould Said

General Director, Toogga Co-Founder 

Mohamed Abdallahi Ould Elhoussein

Chemist in Charge of Production, Toogga

Mohamedou Ould Isselmou

Chemist, Toogga Co-Founder 

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