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African Oils Discovery Set

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This discovery set contains a trilogy of wonder African oils, all cold processed, unrefined, and 100% pure:

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This discovery set contains:

Wild Harvested Organic Desert Date Oil, Dattier du Desert

Toogga Desert Date Oil, Travel Size

A natural anti-aging moisturizer and hair conditioner, excellent for using on areas like the face and neck. The desert date oil is a dry oil, it will hydrate your skin and hair without leaving a greasy feel. This exotic weightless oil is also packed with vitamin E and antioxidants which leaves the skin feeling instantly smoother and allows for a long-lasting moisture retention.

Works on all skin types, absorbs easily, will not clog pores

    Organic Sahara Melon Seed Oil (Kalahari/Ootanga oil

     Organic Sahara Melon Seed Oil (Kalahari/Ootanga oil) - Toogga Organic Sahara Melon Seed Oil (Kalahari/Ootanga oil)

    Also known as Ootanga, Kalahari, and Voondi in the Sahel. The Badely women cooperative and their ancestors grew the melon  for hundreds of years by devoting  the fields  surrounding their villages.

    This super hydrating dry oil is packed with essential fatty acids, such as linoleic, oleic and palmitic, which stimulate skin cell growth, helping to regenerate and restructure skin cells to keep your skin feel supple and firm.

    Instantly hydrates and smooths skin without leaving a greasy feel.

    Works on all skin types, absorbs easily, will not clog pores.

    Pure Baobab Oil - Wild Harvested and Organic

    Pure Baobab Oil - Wild Harvested and Organic

    Baobab Oil is a hyper hydrating oil, an excellent hair conditioner, and a little bit can go a long way. Simply massaging a bit onto hands, face or any areas of dry skin will provide instant relief.

    Highly moisturizing, it penetrates deeply to moisturize and  improve elasticity and firmness without leaving a greasy residue 

    Works on all skin types, absorbs easily, will not clog pores.

    In addition to enjoying our set, each product purchased will

    • Plant one tree in Africa.
    • Supports one cooperative in Africa.

    Why Choose our Products?

    Badely cooperative - Toogga

    Toogga means standing up for sustainability and fair living wages, and for providing a system of social support and educational opportunities to its partners.

    We collaborate directly with women cooperatives, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations to fight extreme poverty and to valorize and sustainably harvest natural resources.

    We go above and beyond to sustainably source, pick, prepare the best locally available raw ingredients. 

    Badely cooperative president - Toogga

    We use the cold-process method to insure that all the natural nutrients stay intact and for maximum beauty and health-enhancing benefits. All of our products are produced in small batches to insure freshness.

    Your purchase supports our operations in the Sahel region

    Each product sold plants one tree and supports one cooperative in Africa

    ✓ Wild Harvested ✓ Sustainable ✓ Bioethical ✓ Vegan ✓ 1 Tree Planted


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