The Badely Cooperative

Inequality and a lack of economic mobility defines Sahel’s economy and many other economies around the world. Men and women often struggle to make ends meet despite their determination and tenacity. Most of the hardest hit are the women and mothers striving to not only to earn a livelihood, but also to support their families and ensure a quality education and bright future for their children.
Cooperatives are a powerful vehicle that can create jobs and opportunities for both men and women of the Sahel and as a group based enterprise they allow for a higher economic, community, and voluntary group participation.
In collaboration with Toogga, the Badely women cooperative was created in 2013 in Mauritania to serve that very purpose. Rural women of Badely harvest three types of local fruits: Toogga (Desert Date), Melon Seed, and Jujube fruit. Currently, the Badely Cooperative is our direct and sole supplier of the Wild harvested Toogga nut and the Sahara Melon seeds.